Monsanto Round-Up Under Investigation

Monsanto and their product Round-up are finally in the cross hairs. Rep Ted Lieu coordinated a group last summer, including Dr Stephanie Seneff, Steven Franz, Sterling, others and myself to present to EPA about the perils of Round-up and its impact to our health. The EPA seemed nonplussed by our presentations, despite the fact that Roundup ingredients cause our DNA instructions to be ignored wrt glycine placement. It also compromises Phase I liver detox cytochrome P450 enzymes, and it chelates important minerals. It also decimates our good gut bacteria (think antibiotic-like) which have a metabolism similar to the weeds which are the target of Round-up. As the EPA is an employment revolving door between govt and companies they are supposed to regulate, we were not surprised by EPA's lack of action.

- Header illustration by Benjamin Karis-Nix

Read the full article published by the Huffington Post below. 

EPA Inspector General Probing Whether Agency Staffer Colluded With Monsanto

The inspector general's move comes in response to a request from Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) for an investigation into whether the EPA staffer colluded with the agricultural giant to bias research on glyphosate, a key component of the product Roundup.

So, I'm from the generation of no drugs and Nixon war on drugs; but I'm 59 years old.  "Cannabis is the gateway drug to other drugs" .  Really?   Big Pharma drugs that are patented are the gateway drugs, as they are not natural to our bodies receptors.  The opioid epidemic from synthetic drugs is killing many as dopamine and GABA receptors are hyper stimulated, so those receptors down-regulate, and more is needed to point of death.  

We have receptors in our body for cannabis, which when delivered in correct form, solves many issues.  We genetically evolved with plants, and not tweaked Big Pharma patented drugs.  Your gut microbe is bacterial based, like plants.  Our mitochondria that make ATP and energy for all of our cells is bacterial based.  A

As an aside, Round-up and GMO foods kill our good gut bacteria.  

Plants are medicine to our health issues.  We have natural cannabis receptors in our bodies.  Those receptors control immune system, so autoimmune issues and cancer may be better addressed with cannabis.  The ratio of THC (anti-inflammatory) and CBD strains can be adjusted to target particular health issues.  I'm still learning, but this is next frontier that was quashed in the 1930's when Carnegie and Mellon were controlling medical schools and dictating MD training as they held original Big Pharma. Big Pharma will put many millions to fight this paradigm, but I see genetics and I see cannabinoid pathway, and we do best with plant-based foods and herbs, and not Big Pharma drugs.