The staff at Life Zone Wellness utilizes a whole-body system functional approach to improve your health and well-being.


Our services at a glance

  • Genetic SNP Analysis and associated Nutrient Delivery and Individualized Plan.
  • Dietary changes are key, so be prepared for dietary changes if you work with Cynthia.  
  • A micro nutrient-based and macronutrient approach to management of chronic conditions such as metabolic syndromes (e.g., Type 2 diabetes) , auto-immune issues and ongoing digestive issues such as poor assimilation of foods, IBS and constipation, to name a few. Cynthia has suffered from autoimmune (controlled now) as did genetic family members on her Dad's side (Crohn's), so it's an area that she has researched extensively.  GI health is key to health.   Dietary changes are likely going to be recommended especially if you have FUT2 SNPs and/or an inflammatory GI issue.  GI-MAP testing will likely be recommended.
  • There is depression and anxiety via  Cynthia's Mom's side, so again, it's an area of that she has exhaustively researched and continues to do so. Dopamine modulation, poor adrenalin breakdown (flight/fight), is key in this area, and intersects with estrogen breakdown in liver, and making good bile for fat assimilation.   Genetics include COMT V158M, MAO B, GAD, BHMT, PEMT, MAT, SULT.  All intersect.
  •  Neuro-immune dysregulation and sleep issues include addressing dopamine breakdown, boosting GABA and mostly GI health among other things.
    • Children on the Spectrum are neuro-immuno compromised, so targeted intervention is recommended, both dietary and supplements like D-ribose and phospholipids, and NOT methyl anything like methyl B12 and methylfolate until other pathways are addressed first, such as the BHMT pathway.  Biochemical pathways need to be addressed in proper order to ramp up  homeostasis.  Gi is first to address.
    • High NMDA brain receptor stimulation and calcium release are not a good thing (peri and post menopause).  If so, then cellular inflammation needs and GI health to be addressed first.   
      • High reverse T3 diverting T4, is another marker that indicates inflammation or infection where intelligent body slows down metabolism.
      • High hsCRP is another standard marker that we see as cellular inflammation.  All can be addressed.
    • Vitamin B1, B2, B3 levels are needed for mitochondrial health and ATP production, and active form of Vit B6 called P5P, and magnesium, manganese and zinc are also important for health.  NutaEval FMV can uncover issues in this area.
  • A nutrient-based approach to mitigating uncomfortable symptoms associated with estrogen breakdown, PMS and perimenopause.
  • A nutrient-based approach to detoxification of xenoestrogens, heavy metals and other accumulated pollutants.
  • Suggestions for testing to drill down and uncover the link between  how your body interacts with "outside world", including GI, Immune and neuro and much more.
  • Individual approach to your biochemical pathways is presented in a  staged Plan in 3 parts.