Upon booking your first appointment, we request that you complete a comprehensive questionnaire, and supply your Variant Report (Sterling's App is the most comprehensive), and any medical testing that you currently have. During the first Consultation with Cynthia, she will inquire about your health concerns and issues. A shorter Medical Symptom Questionnaire (MSQ) will be used to track progress at each visit. Based on your input and discussion with Cynthia, a timeline of health (beginning with birth and concluding on the day of appointment), will be generated in order to assess antecedents, triggers and lifestyle factors.  

We advocate use of whole non-GMO foods first, followed by specific, targeted supplementation. Many folks will require dietary changes, especially if auto-immune issues or particular SNPs that affect heme levels. In some cases, whole foods cannot support required nutrients and minerals so supplementation may be required initially, but not continuously. In addition, some folks "burn through" normal levels of nutrients, so again, supplementation may be needed. Magnesium is an example of a nutrient that is depleted in soil, and many folks are deficient.  Vitamin B6 and Zinc and Lysine are another example of nutrients that many need at higher levels than RDA.  B6 is key to neurotransmitter production. Folks with high Vit B12 in serum may need lithium to support TCN2 SNPs. It is individual.

Proper macro nutrient levels and GI health are key to healthy neurotransmitter, digestive and immune system function. Genetics interacting with environment determine levels of nutrients; epigenome expression is individualized. Layer in immune stressing infections such as Lymes, vaccine excepients, or GI assimilation of foods, then phenotypical expression changes and nutrients need to be individualized.

Many clients take phone photos of their current supplements, and send them to Cynthia. That is OK, but listing them on original paperwork is more easily accessed when answering emails after the first Consult.

Cynthia does not sell supplements, but will recommend best supplements with links to order them. Cynthia uses Klair Labs and Xymogen. 

Similarly, Cynthia does not mark-up testing such as Genova Diagnostics and Cyrex. If testing is recommended, Cynthia will order and you will only pay the lab fee.  

Cynthia is very aware of financial issues and best place to spend dollars on testing to get best results for you. She has been there and done that with her own health and her children's health.  She will be careful with where testing dollars may need to be spent.

This process is about clients feeling better and recovering health and enjoying living. For parents of children on neuro-immune Spectrum, Cynthia gets that struggle.

Cynthia looks forward to working with folks who are serious about their health, and may be willing to make some changes to diet/lifestyle. If you are not amenable to possible changes in foods and lifestyle, she may not be the Practitioner for you.

Please see document attached or in subsequent email, for a quick overview of what she has found to be a wise approach to integrating individual SNPs with nutrition, personal health issues and IFM principles.

She offers two types of consultations, the Comprehensive Consultation (Sterling's App, Livewello) and the Hourly Consultation (Genetic Genie, Yasko and others).

The Comprehensive Consultation typically requires about 6-8 total hours of Cynthia’s time; analysis to (1) prep with all info you provide, (2) time for Consultation, holding the 2 1/2 hour 1st Consultation, and (3) a follow-up 1-2 hour Consultation to review test results, and some time afterwards to prepare an Individualized Plan, and follow-up emails.  

Cynthia does not want a client watching the clock!  Best outcome is via conversation and sharing info without worry of time elapsed.

Very few Practitioners take a whole body approach and put pieces together. Cynthia does, so be prepared for intense info and paradigm shift of knowledge and lifestyle.

Again, Cynthia may not be best Practitioner for you unless you are serious about optimizing your health.