At Nutrigenomics Wellness, LLC, we strive to assist your body's individualized dynamics to find its healthy homeostasis.

We have been blessed with our bodies and ability to live our best life.  Sometimes however, due to our environment, stress, diet, exposures, etc., our body veers away from its healthy homeostasis and becomes compromised.  Chronic conditions ensue so we need some "health tweaking".   That includes individualizing what is best for you based on your genetics, health history, toxicant exposures and test data.  

Each new client Consultation requires 6-8 hours (Cynthia's prep time, 3-4  hour conversation with Client, and then writing follow-up Plan (based on the Consultation, medical info and health history).  Lately however, Cynthia is splitting the 3-4 hour Consult into 2, 2 hour Consults in order to reserve time to review test data and tweek original Plan.  

Genetics are guideposts; but how you express those genetics depends on your environmental exposures, what you eat and assimilate, cell membrane health, and how your nervous system reacts to your environment and perceived stress.  All needs to be addressed.

Cynthia posts on her personal FB page as it grew organically.   Here is the link:  Nutrigenomics FB page was set up, but was not addressed.  Cynthia prefers a mix of personal and what she researches when posting,  as what she provides is personal and individualized,

Please do not work with Cynthia  unless you are serious and willing to make some dietary and other changes if need be.  Time on this earth, and health, is precious.  


Cynthia’s knowledge of genetics, epigenetics, and biochemistry is by far the best I’ve encountered.  Having someone like Cynthia that can help look at the entire picture is invaluable to your recovery...
— Chris
As someone that is dealing with chronic health issues I’ve seen and consulted with many different health professionals both in the conventional and functional medicine world. Cynthia’s knowledge of genetics, epigenetics, and biochemistry is by far the best I’ve encountered...
— Nathan

More than just genetic analysis.

Genetics are not the full picture, but they are a big part when combined with health history and some data to see how genetics are  expressing.  The interaction between genetics, your diet, exposures to your environment and health data results, yield much info wrt your ongoing health.  

Many contact me because of MTHFR SNPs, but they are not the full picture.  Health is a bigger picture that includes upstream and downstream of and from MTHFR SNPs.  The biochemical pathways must be addressed in proper order, and take diet and environment into consideration. For example delivering methyl folate and methyl B12 often backfires as down stream is blocked.  A Phased in approach is best.

The Comprehensive support we provide is not limited by time constraints and watching the clock. Rather, its better if individualized support is open-ended and includes follow-up support, which may include adjustments based on subsequent test data. Some initial consults take 2.5 hours and others may take up to 4 hours. We want to provide that flexibility to our clients.  

In my past life, it was all about the clock and billing as an IP Attorney.  I do not want that now, as best health outcome is predicated on open and flowing conversation, without watching the clock.  Discussing your health history including Mom and Dad health issues (genetics), and things like your personal GI health and sleep are a portion of first 20 minutes of talk time. Be prepared to discuss.  

At Nutrigenomics Wellness, we incorporate the principles of Functional Medicine, knowledge of individual genetics, knowledge of biochemical pathways, a comprehensive health history and often cutting edge testing, to provide you with an individualized Initial Health Plan. The individualized Health Plan is also based on a face-to-face (or Skype/phone) Initial Consultation to gather additional data beyond what can be written in a questionnaire. We will also review your SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) and discuss. Any additional health testing data that you provide will be considered before the Consultation.  The more data you provide, the better, as I can analyze your genetics in combo with your heath history to see what expresses.  After the Initial Consultation, you will be receiving your Initial Individualized Health Plan. The Plan may take a few days to complete/get to you after the Consultation. Sometimes we will need to do additional research and take time as cases are becoming more complicated.

I am researching brain health these days as I am 60 with an APOE4 SNP and my Dad died a slow death from dementia.  Many have brain issues (nervous system issues) with APOE4 SNP.  

The Endocannabinoid system is key to immune system and gut and brain health.  I am also writing a book on same.  

Yes, our bodies (including brain) evolved with plants and Enocannabinoid receptors.  Plant based diet and some animal proteins and good fats are  key to good health.

I only want to work with clients who are willing to make dietary changes if need be, and who are serious about their health. Please do not contact me if you are not willing to address your health issues head-on.   I am tough as you are spending dollars to get well; I want those dollars to be well spent.  Cynthia


At River North Chicago, our office sits inside the Boylston Building. A historic piece of architecture amongst the modern skyline.