At Nutrigenomics Wellness, LLC, we strive to assist your body's individualized dynamics to find its healthy homeostasis.

We have been blessed with our bodies and a potential to live our best life.  Sometimes, however, our body veers away from its healthy homeostasis when we expose it to chronic stressors, a toxic environment or a poor diet. When this homeostasis becomes compromised, chronic conditions can arise that disrupt our potential or even cripples our lives. Cynthia will work with you to develop an individualized plan of health ‘tweaks’ that holistically addresses your medical history, past toxicant exposures, test data and genetics.


A client Consultation with Cynthia is composed of four parts: an initial review of your data, a personal conversation, an individualized health plan, and a final review and follow-up. First, Cynthia will receive any test data you may have, your genetic report and health history and a brief review of the symptoms you wish to address. Every case is unique and this time allows for Cynthia to prepare for the second part: the preliminary conversation. Here, you, the Client, and Cynthia will spend about two hours discussing your health concerns in more detail; typically, Cynthia will ask for clarification on certain aspects and spend some time explaining how your symptoms link to your health history and genetics. Within two weeks, Cynthia will email you an individualized plan based on your conversation and Cynthia’s expertise. After a few weeks, Clients typically have questions or new health data points from being on the plan: for this reason Cynthia will usually schedule a second, one-hour consultation to go over any issues that may have arisen and tweak the original plan.

Genetic data is valuable, but a guidepost. How an individual expresses their genetics depends on their environment, diet, gut health (and their ability to assimilate what they eat), cell membrane health, and nervous system health.  All aspects of an individual must be addressed.
Time on this Earth, like our health, is precious. Working with Cynthia can involve dietary and lifestyle changes. Although Cynthia can help brainstorm practical ways to implement these changes, she asks that you not work with her if you are not responsibly invested in your health..  

Cynthia’s knowledge of genetics, epigenetics, and biochemistry is by far the best I’ve encountered.  Having someone like Cynthia that can help look at the entire picture is invaluable to your recovery...
— Chris
As someone that is dealing with chronic health issues I’ve seen and consulted with many different health professionals both in the conventional and functional medicine world. Cynthia’s knowledge of genetics, epigenetics, and biochemistry is by far the best I’ve encountered...
— Nathan

More than just genetic analysis.

There is a misconception that genetic data alone can predict what diet and supplements a patient will need. Genetic data is extremely valuable, but it doesn’t provide the full picture of an individual’s health.

For example, many patients will contact us because of their MTHFR SNP status and feel confused when we don’t automatically recommend certain supplements like 5-MTHF. It’s important to address other SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms, or individual genetic mutations) that can affect your body’s endogenous production of 5-MTHF, or ‘upstream’ of a concerning SNP. For this reason, we use a ‘phased-in’ approach to tackling problematic biochemical pathways.

Furthermore, the existence of a genetic SNP does not guarantee that an individual will experience the associated affects, or phenotype. The extent that a gene is expressed is closely related to an individuals diet, environment and ongoing health.

We’re disappointed by how many doctors don’t schedule more than fifteen minutes to work with a patient. We believe that it’s important to really understand a patient’s history and all aspects of their health - we value open and flowing conversations with patients. Please be prepared to share as much data as possible including gut issues, your sleep patterns and your parent’s health.

Please understand, we only want to work with clients who are willing to make dietary changes if need be and who are serious about resolving their health issues. If you are looking for a silver bullet, we apologize but we are not the right person to contact. Since you are spending money, we believe it is best to be direct to make sure you receiving a valuable experience. Thank you for understanding.


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