For 21 years I have suffered with Ulcerative Colitis. While speaking with Cynthia Smith I mentioned that my Colitis was no longer in remission. She suggested that I make an appointment with her at Life Zone Wellness for an overall assessment. After some basic tests and an overview of my health, she recommended a slight change in diet and started me on a series of natural vitamins, minerals, and supplements to help restore balance and aid my body with the healing process. After three weeks my colitis was back in remission.   After years of dealing with this disease, taking countless medications, and waiting months for my colitis to go back into remission I have never had such a fast recovery. When I informed my Gastroenterologist of the treatment and its success he encouraged me to continue seeing Cynthia. I still see my GI doctor regularly for checkups and colonoscopies and continue to see Cynthia to maintainmy GI health.
I must admit that I feel much better and other things like minor aches and have also improved. I encourage anyone who truly desires a better quality of life toseek her out. Cynthia truly cares for her patients and wants the very best for them.


For six years, I tried using allopathic medicine in conjunction with naturopathic medicine, to heal myself from an autoimmune condition that fits no old, and led to progressive disability. Both medical models have their strengths; the first, strong diagnoses for known conditions, the other, less diagnostics with better clinical evidence towards the correct diagnoses. Cynthia Smith's work at nutrigenomics Wellness bridges the gap between the two. Most often, Allopathic medicine leads to diagnoses without any hope for cure in regards to autoimmunity, and Naturopathic Medicine can lead to a closet full of expensive supplements. Cynthia's analysis looks at the genetic weaknesses inherent in the individual, and customizes a wellness paradigm for the I individual. It's that "gray zone" that Cynthia works best, when all else fails. I am healthier working with Cynthia and will continue to work with her in the future. 


As someone that is dealing with chronic health issues I've seen and consulted with many different health professionals both in the conventional and functional medicine world.  Cynthia's knowledge of genetics, epigenetics, and biochemistry is by far the best I've encountered.  Having someone like Cynthia that can help look at the entire picture is invaluable to your recovery. Even with her extensive knowledge she is able to clearly explain in layman's terms how to implement her suggestions so that you can have a clear understanding of what it is you need to do.  I consider her my "go to" with any questions or concerns I have about genetics and biochemistry.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone struggling with complex health issues that is interested in making a positive change!


Cynthia’s detective work and insight really supplied a big piece of the puzzle in helping me regain my good health. My naturopath is marvelous, but was at a bit of a standstill in helping me to unravel some persistent symptoms. On my own, I decided to invest in the testing and Cynthia’s evaluation, and I brought these suggestions to my naturopath to be worked into my healthcare plan. I can truly say that Cynthia’s input helped us look at my health with new eyes, and started me on the path to feeling well again. Thank you, Cynthia, for your time and care in helping people make shifts in their recovery and wellness!