Comprehensive Consultation yields best results with out pressure.

In summary, we typically spend 6-7 1/2 hours with each initial consultation (pre-prep and reviewing your provided data, then talking/educating for 2 1/2 to 3 1/2  hours, then crafting an Individualized Plan), as we want the best outcome. We will saturate you with info during ourComprehensive consultation, so we expect many follow-up questions initially.

You may also want to audio record our discussion. We welcome that as learning about your issues is understanding and follow-up yields best results.

After payment following the Initial  consultation, we will email your Individualized Plan and suggestions, including dietary changes, links and Authorizations codes to nutrient products. We will address all follow-up emails as you begin your recovery and have questions. We only ask that a few weeks after beginning your Individualized Protocol, that you limit emails to 2 or 3 per week. Again, we have another follow-up hour as part of Initial Consult to use as you wish.

We do not want to hurry through our Consultation as your health history and details are important for the best outcome. First Consult may seem to initially focus on your health history, but we’ll be collecting data during conversation and connecting dots that you may not understand, but we will explain.

We work with no more than one new client per day so that we have the time to devote to preparing for, hand-holding, and following-up after our Consultation.

We may send you some diagrams before out first appointment that align with Variant Report, so that our discussion includes education. If you need a bit more guidance after you have begun executing your Initial Plan, we will schedule another appointment. That’s included in the additional hour.

At some point, as you begin to understand your SNPs and how they play into health issues, and you will learn when and at what amount to take your nutritional supplements. The goal is to educate you and then prepare you to “fly solo” after about 4-5 months, so that you are in control of your health and nutritional needs. We also like to taper down supplements as your body finds its individual homeostasis.  The goal is not to have you on dozens of supplements.

Early on, you may need some front-loading of nutritional supplements as we layer-in foundational support (e.g., GI, cell membrane health, decreasing oxidation). Over time though, your need for nutritional supplements will decrease as you learn what support you personally need, based on your genetics and life-style.

Again, be prepared to address GI health as an initial step as its extremely important. Also, please be prepared to make some dietary changes if you are still eating a traditional American diet. All of the good work we do will fall flat if your food choices are poor. Having said that, we understand that changing one’s diet is a big step. Your Individualized Plan will address steps to slowly change your diet if it’s an issue. 

Also, it does no good if we create an Individualized Plan based on SNPs and health history, when neurotransmitter status cannot support it. Hanging by fingernails on a ledge and trying to take supplements to compensate, is not sustainable. For example, if you are not sleeping well and/or are “depressed” and eating refined carbs to make it through the day, then we have to address that as an initial step.  

If you are overweight and not eating much, we have to address leptin resistance, and hormones including circadian rhythm (sleep hygiene) and insulin (foods and order that you eat them), and upper GI support as a first steps.  PCOS is an example.  Been there, done that personally.

We will not suggest supplements without an explanation, in order to ensure that you understand the “whys” of what we are doing. Education is a big part of the process as goal is for you to eventually understand your body and fly solo with least amount of nutritional supplements.