Order your genetic test kit, on-line.  When you receive the kit, you will be asked to register with, and then submit your saliva sample.  You can enter your name, or you can enter a fake name.  Your results should be ready in about 6-8 weeks, and will be delivered via the email address you enter as a contact.  When the genetic test results arrive via email, please enter the resulting raw data into Sterling's App at  There are clear instructions on how to upload your raw genetic data into the App.  Contact Cynthia if you need assistance, and/or for follow-up interpretation.


Autoimmune issues are huge these days; like never before, and Cynthia works with folks daily who have autoimmune issues.  Addressing them two fold; ID-ing what is being attacked as far as tissues and enzymes, and ID-ing triggers that cause the attacks, and cleaning-up the microbiome that controls immune system.  Thyroid attacks (Hashi's) are low hanging fruit, but that is typically followed by autoimmune attack on parietal cells that line stomach and impact to amino acid assimilation, and dysfunctional neurotransmitter production. That is typically followed by pancreas attack as third domino to fall, and results lesser pancreatic enzymes, plus potential insulin issues. 

Cynthia is anti-vaccine; period, after seeing clients these past 9 years, ranging in ages.  From kids who get the recommended vaccine schedule to elders who get a shingles vaccine, she says NO.  Vaccines are composed of foreign proteins (e.g., monkey, chicken, bovine, pig, and  lung tissue derivatives from abort fetuses in China) and heavy metals and preservatives, that enter the immune system directly without benefit of natural barriers such as IgA.  Vaccines are not properly tested as manufacturers of vaccines, since mid 1980's, are no longer on the hook for damage (indemnified from harm by US gov't and lengthy trial to recover near damages). Vaccine manufacturers get  a free legal pass. 

Many of her clients have been vaccine injured, but there are things that can be done to address those injuries.

Cyrex testing is gold standard, but Cynthia can glean much info during Initial Consult discussion.  Cyrex testing may be recommended if autoimmune issues persist.

GI-MAP is the gold standard for GI health.

DUTCH testing is gold standard for hormones.

Cynthia is very familiar with autoimmune issues as her genetics and family is Crohn's, RA,  and Hashi's and autoimmune dementia on Dad's side.


Estrogen issues are related to neurotransmitter issues and gallbladder issues.  Many women have problems breaking down catecholamines which include dopamine and adrenalin estrogen.  Layer in need for new estrogen breakdown in teen years on top of dopamine and adrenalin, and much angst and shift as need for catecholamine breakdown increases, but breakdown is running at 40% if COMT V158M ++.  

Enzymes that breakdown estrogen in liver are shared with enzymes that make bile, and enzymes that breakdown flight-fight neurotransmitters.

Pregnancy fall-out after birth of child is another shift point if poor catecholamine breakdown.  Its been labeled as post partum, but it's really estrogen breakdown dysfunction and impact to neurotransmitters and their receptors.

Stress which requires cortisol feed-forwarding the adrenalin pathway and ends with catecholamine breakdown, is impaired.

The SNPS are COMT V158M and H62H ++ or +-.

The "pipe" to break down catecholamines is smaller in those with above SNPs; anxiety issues, estrogen dominance issues, high intelligence in pre-teen school and then fall-off, and potentially late years addiction.

Estrogen breakdown and impact to neurotransmitters is huge via COMT down-regulation; bigger than MTHFR SNP in C677T and 1298.