Below is an overview of what we have found to be a wise approach when utilizing individual SNPs/health history/medical data, to design an Individualized Plan.



Comprehensive Consultation

The Comprehensive Consultation is more extensive as we use a Functional Medicine/Nutrition approach and include health history, review of prior test results and a staged Initial Individualized Plan as follow-up. Genova Diagnostic and/or Cyrex testing may be suggested, especially if there are GI issues and/or suspected nutritional deficiencies. 

$599 for 7-8 hours of Consult

Hourly Consultation

The Hourly Consultation is a simpler plan and is appropriate if you would like a general explanation of the SNP results and suggestions for diet/supplementation. Most people however, opt for a Comprehensive Consultation as we can establish a longer term relationship and continuity for health. Charged in 15 minute increments.

$250 hourly


As of July 1st 2015 we’ve had to institute a PrePay Policy, before we send the Individualized Plan. Its also best if I receive all of your paperwork back at least 3 days before as well. 

Follow-up appointments and reviewing test results are billed at $250 per hour in 15 minute increments of $62.50 but we typically discount during follow-up appointments as we don't want to quash dialog. Payment is expected at the time of service.  

Due to recent insurance changes, we can no longer order testing that is billed through Medicare and Medicaid. We hope to rectify the situation in the future.

If you have a special financial circumstance, please make arrangements prior to the first Initial Consultation.  We are amenable to adjusting fee payment schedule based on financial circumstances.


We also work with you at an hourly rate of $250 if you would like to review shorter Variant Reports such as Genetic Genie or Yasko results, and will suggest a plan based on those results.  Experience is that hourly rate is not optimal as most clients need longer hours of time.  Cynthia will do the hourly paradigm, and then keep option open for Comprehensive Consult.


We typically review the genetic Variant Report and any other recent test results you have, and prepare some notes before we speak. We also review a comprehensive questionnaire, which we will send to you, and you will send back prior to our Initial Consultation. The more data we have, the better to determine which SNPs may be expressing and causing/interacting with health issues.

During our Initial Consultation (please allow 2-3 ½ hours, or 2, 2 hours blocks of time), we will generate a timeline of your health history and then discuss health history, what has worked and what has not, and SNPs as they relate to your health issues, both immediate and historical patterns. Why? Having a SNP in a particular enzyme doesn't necessarily mean it is expressing in a meaningful way. Thus health history is important, so we spend the first hour or so going through health history and discussing test results that you may have provided. The goal is to align health issues, potential triggers, and how they relate to your particular SNP expression and family health history. We don't want to rush, so be prepared for a lengthy discussion.

Testing via Genova Diagnostics NutrEval, or GI-MAP for GI testing, or Cyrex for GI/autoimmune issues, or DUTCH for hormone testing, may be suggested to determine how your biochemical pathways are functioning in light of SNPs and lifestyle, foods, and toxicants and viruses/bacteria, etc.  As many have Hashi's these days and thyroid/adrenal dysfunction, then recommendations for PCP testing will also be included.  Cynthia is very comfortable working with your personal Physicians (PCPs) if need be for your best outcome.

After our Initial Consultation, we follow up with an emailed individualized nutrition/supplement plan (Individualized Plan). We will be addressing nutritional issues in Phases, which will be delineated in your Individualized Plan. If we determine that additional health tests are needed, Cynthia will recommend them. If you are amenable, we can drop ship test kits to you, or you can have your PCP perform them. We use the Genova Diagnostics lab kits as well as Cyrex-Labs for auto-immune issues and GI-MAP if we suspect GI issues.

We do not mark–up cost for testing so you will pay only the lab fee and co-pay via insurance. We want the data to get best outcome, as our practice is referrals and success.

We would like to ensure healthy GI function before we address methylation pathways, so your protocol may address GI issues in the early phase. Foundation health and nutrition (e.g., cell membranes, mitochondrial function) will also be addressed early on. As cell membranes become increasingly healthy, you may eventually need to reduce some medications that you may be taking, especially thyroid meds.  As most folks present with chronic issues, then a layered in approach (ow and slow initially) works best to slowly reverse chronic issue symptoms.

Liver support will be suggested, if need be. This is because your body may begin to detoxify when proper GI and methylation support and cell membrane support are in place. The first phase is typically 6-8 weeks without full methylation support, but well worth the wait as we add in full methylation support later.  If Cynthia does her  job well, you may not need much 5MTHF and methyl B12 supplementation.  Please do not layer in methyl support as methyl B12 and MTHF (folate) as first steps because you have MTHFR SNPs; this can cause anxiety and poor sleep.

If you are already attempting to address methylation SNPs on your own, we may need to adjust/reduce your supplements if they do not align with your overall SNP profile and phased-in approach. If you have Lyme disease and/or associated co-infections, medications addressing them will stay in place. If you have suffered adverse affects from fluoroquinolones (e.g., Cipro, Levaquin, etc), supplements may be adjusted in the early phase.

The flat fee is $599 for a Comprehensive Consultation, which we will invoice after we hold our initial consultation, but before we send your Individualized Plan.The follow-up time of 60 minutes will be included as the $599 fee, as we likely need another hour to go through the follow-up testing and answer emails.  We can also use that hour to discuss recommendations in the Initial Plan as it will be very detailed.

Please let us know your blood Type (e.g., O, A, B, AB) if you can before we speak, especially if you have autoimmune issues or are consulting me on behalf of a child on the Autism Spectrum.